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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preparing for rain...

I saw a movie this weekend that really touched my heart in a special way. It's called "Facing the Giants". It's not a new movie and it has a predictable ending, but the message is outstanding. In a part of the movie, the football coach and a man are talking about two farmers who both needed and prayed for rain. The man tells the coach that only one of the men received the rain even though they both prayed for rain. He asked the coach who he thought received the rain. The coach answered "the one who went out and prepared his fields to receive it". The pastor asked him "which one are you?"

This past week was discouraging for us in many ways. We have told our adoption agency that we very much wanted twins or a younger siblings group. Our agency told us it is rare for twins as well as younger siblings group and that we needed to be open for the fact that we would probably receive a single child. As we are very open for just one child, I cannot help the fact that God has really laid two Ethiopian children upon my heart. This movie reminded me not to lose faith in God's will, no matter what the "giants" may say to you. I serve a bigger God than any man and if it is his will for us to have two children than we will. So for now, I am stepping out in faith and praising God in whatever he chooses for us. I'm going to "prepare my fields for rain".

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