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Sunday, August 31, 2014

15 years….the surprise of a lifetime

My oldest girl turned 15.  What happened?  Just yesterday she was this size...

…and now, she is all grown up and still just as cute as can be.  But 15….wahhh!!!!!  Somebody make it stop.  This momma wants to get off this ride.

Out of all our children I can honestly say at this point she is the most driven, most disciplined, and most self motivated child.  She is a bit obsessive when it comes to swimming but who wouldn't be when you look like this in the water.

She loves, loves, loves animals.  Has begged, pleaded and even offered to pay for so many animals on the new farm I believe she is beginning to wear me down (NOT her father yet….but me, well I can be a pushover for a beautiful horse).

She is the kindest child and has a heart of gold for the Lord above.  So I wasn't at all surprised when this friend texted me to ask if we could give her a surprise birthday party.

So with a little bit of help we got her out of the house and she was completely surprised when she came through the door.

And she loved it.  Complete with confetti, balloons and a crazy amount of silly string.  Seriously people, that stuff sticks to EVERYTHING.  Her friends stayed for a long time, ate dinner, opened presents and did all kinds of screaming girl games in the basement.  And we stayed upstairs and cleaned silly string off of….did I mention EVERYTHING.  It was a great time had by all.

It's just that silly string is now banned from my house for-evah.


Happy Birthday my 15 year old. I'll love you forever my sweet girl….

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  1. So hard to believe that our sweet girl is now FIFTEEN! I'm glad you warned me to let her enter first - silly string is wet and sticky when it hits you!

    Mom ;-)