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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Okay, I give…..I'm done.

Did you know that the everyday Mom is asked around 300 questions per day (on average) by a child?  


I just read an article that the UK did on how mothers are the most quizzed people.  The study stated that, "from breakfast at 7.19am to tea time at 7.59pm, the average mum faces a testing 12.5 hour day of questioning - working out at one question every two minutes 36 seconds." 

Welcome to my world.  You didn't need a study to come up with that.   

So let's take those statistics and run with them, shall we?  Now, I have 4 kids.  And to be fair, I have two teenagers who don't ask as many questions as my two little ones, so let's say that on average I answer 200 questions a day.  

Oh, wait….maybe I should have put my husband into the kid category.  He can't seem to find where anything is lately.  That's another 100 questions right there…..okay, maybe not.  

200 questions.  Everyday.  In one week, that's 1,400 questions.  In one month, it's 5,600 questions.  And in one year, it's a whopping 67,200 questions.  That I answer.  Now, I might be off a little on my calculations (math was never my strong suit), but still.  That is a crazy amount of questions to answer.

So remember this...if you come across a Mom at the checkout counter with a glazed look when you ask her…"paper or plastic".  Take pity.  She might have just reached her limit on questions and said….

…okay, I give.  I'm done.

Ahem, just sayin'.

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