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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yesterday, I got all excited….

The grater guy was here smoothing out our yard.  Now, I cannot tell you how long we have been waiting for our "yard" to be put in.  Yard meaning the area just around our house, not the entire farm.

Nope.  Been mowing that for like forever now.

Anyhow, been waiting a long time for this guy to finally show up.  And he did.  Worked all day moving and spreading and smoothing everything out so pretty.  And wouldn't ya know it.

Today it rained.

Now, I'm not talking a tiny bit of it.  Nope.  It poured and poured and poured.  And I watched that pretty, smooth yard go slipping and sliding all the way down our driveway.  Grrrrrrr…..


Now, I've got myself a mud patch you would not believe.  It's like a mud moat around my house.  No way in.  And no way out.  Wanna come in?  Ya gotta come through the mud people.  Wanna take the dog out.  Ya gotta go out through the mud moat.  Ugh….

All I wanted was some grass in the yard.  Is that too much to ask?

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