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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And don't come back now ya hear...

Alright, so you know I've been having some chipmunk "issues" here in my garden. I caught the first chipmunk and was overjoyed. I had read somewhere that chipmunks are notorious for coming back to their homes even over long distances. With that in mind, we took the first one with us on our way to Costco (several miles away and over the interstate) that day and released him telling him loudly..."they got more food than they know what to do with so stay here and enjoy yourself."

The second chipmunk took three days to catch and when we finally did get him we took him to our gymnastics classes (even further down the interstate and over the river). We told him that "they've got exercise classes here so he could enjoy himself just fine".

Three more days went by without any problems...and then. Yesterday, there was a half eaten strawberry in my garden. Oh no you did not come back. This had better be your brother or cousin or somethin'. Because I'm pretty sure I told you...and don't come back now ya hear.

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