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Friday, June 18, 2010

From the desk of the CEO of domestic affairs...

I feel like I have all but given up on updating our blog everyday...it's just too hard to sit down with four VERY ACTIVE children in the house. Plus, it's summer for us and we rarely stay in the house, we are always going and doing something. So with two children asking "what's for dinner?" and two children playing right below my feet....I'm going to have to be quick with an update. Here goes...

-Soccer ended on a high note for our smallest little girl scoring several goals this year...yeah for her!!!

-With soccer ending swim team training began for the oldest two (actually it's a non-competitive swim team, but we hope that they can join the competitive one later)...so everyone is swimming up a storm here, twice a week.

-Gymnastics training is once a week for the girls (but between you and me...I'm hopeful it's a sport we can give up soon...terribly expensive).

-The older kids just finished a two day science and engineering camp up at Iowa State University.

The crying has begun from the little one below my feet so I've got to get faster....

-The dog has survived two years with all these kids...Happy Birthday you four legged one - good luck holding your own with now four kids ( I only thought she was hyper-active)

-Our baby has reached the "toddler stage" and now RUNS through the house...cabinet locks here we come...oh, goody.

-We leave in a week for a quick trip to Chicago and then onto Kentucky to spend time with my husband's family.

-And finally...as of today I have caught SEVEN chipmunks and one is awaiting his destination in the trap outside the front door....a big ol' fat UGH!!!!

O.k., the crying below my feet is now too loud to be ignored and dinner can no longer be put on the back burner so it's off to my "Mom job" and my "quiet time" (whatever that means) is over.

So from the desk of the CEO of domestic affairs...I'm signing off for now...

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