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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lunchtime conversation...

The kids and I sat down to eat our lunch today and here's how our conversation went...

My oldest girl (11 yrs): Did you know (talking to her older brother) that they have a magazine at the library on space? It's true I looked at it and it said "Mars, everything you need to know about it?" But I put it back because I didn't understand it.

My oldest boy (12 yrs): It was about Mars. How could you not understand it? It said it on the cover.

Oldest girl: I know but it had lots of technical words in it. Do you know all the words you read?

Oldest boy: Probably.

Oldest girl: There is no way that you know all the words in every magazine. They have a magazine for running and gardening and trees and traveling and cars and...

Mom (trying to put an end to this escalating conversation): O.k., we get it. We know that they have a magazine for everything.

My smallest girl (6 yrs): You mean they have a magazine for mermaids!

...thump....thump...thump...(sound of Mom's head hitting the lunch table)

Mom: I give up...

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