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Friday, November 5, 2010

Angels unaware...

You never know why God puts people in your path. But he knows, and he always has a reason.

Near the beginning of our vacation, we were sitting in Buenos Aires airport waiting for a flight to Iguazu to see the falls when we met an American woman. In the midst of the conversation we found out that she was an ER doctor (as well as a medical missionary) who was coming back from Antarctica. She was on her way to the falls as well. She then proceeded, out of the blue, to ask me about my older brother. My older brother...are you kidding me? Now, here's where I should mention that my brother is also a medical missionary. She knew my older brother personally and his family...my family. What are the odds? So there we were sitting in an airport in Argentina laughing and talking about stories of my older brother. We invited her to accompany us on our private tour of the falls the next day. We spent the day together. Later....when I received the news of my grandmother, my husband held me tight as I cried and she prayed with me and for my family. I cannot tell you what great comfort that was. The next day she boarded her plane and walked out our lives.

God always has a reason. For that moment, he must have known that I needed that prayer. It was...angels unaware.

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