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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shining light...

Today was our trip to see a glacier. The pictures just cannot do it justice. It was massive with all the creaking and groaning and crashing down that comes with glaciers...way cool!

On a totally different note...the people here are absolutely mesmorized with our newest son from Ethiopia. We have had TONS of people come up to us, rub his head, kiss him on the cheek and say "bonito" - which means beautiful. O.k., when I say tons I mean it. People have asked to take pictures of him, with him and have crowded around us everywhere we have gone. He has taken it in stride mostly and will strike a pose now when someone pulls out a camera. There was only one time that I had to take him out of the crowd because it was too much (and yes...I did say crowd). I'm not really sure what it is about him. Maybe it's because he's black (there are no black people in this country). Maybe it's because that adoption is highly unusual here or maybe it's because we are a multi-cultural family. Whatever the case may be, he causes a crowd wherever we go. Today as we sat on our tour bus, we noticed that the people on the tour bus next to us were waving to him. He waved back. It is a bit overwhelming to all of the attention.

But here is the amazing part, the meaning of his African name means "shining light"....maybe his birth mother could see it the minute he was born. Because truly he is a shining light and we'll tell him all about it someday.

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  1. Great seeing your photos of your amazing trip!! Paul's sister was in the Peace Corps in Paraguay and traveled to Argentina. I remember thinking how beautiful her pictures of the Falls were.
    What an amazing experience for your family. You are so brave to voluntarily take a ten hour flight with four kids. I'm so worn out of these mega flights with four kids. But, only one more to go and then I may need a good five year break. :)
    I'm glad you take the attention in stride, and how great that the attention is positive. You are a big, beautiful, unique family. :)
    Here in Europe I have gotten a few stares and comments about the size of my family...especially with my big belly that is sporting #5. Someone recently told me I was a 'glutton for punishment.' Glad to know families like you who see all children as a blessing!!