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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ask the banana...

A couple of days ago the kids and I were sitting around the lunch table and my oldest son mentioned something he had read in one of his fun science magazines. Here's how the conversation went:

Son: Mom, did you know that if you ask a banana a yes or no question and then cut it in half the banana will give you an answer?

Mom: Really..I'm pretty sure they didn't teach me that in college.

Son: Here, let me show you. Ask this banana a question...

Mom: Well...(seriously couldn't believe I was going to do this)...alright. Hmmm, okay I got one. Will we have a "boat load" of snow come in a couple of days?

Son: (He looked at the banana) Yep!

Mom: Is that just wishful thinking on your part?

Son: No, seriously Mom. It says yes, see the seeds inside make the letter "Y".

Mom: (still not believing it all) Well I guess the banana doesn't lie. Now quit asking it questions and eat it.

A couple of days past by....One morning I woke my smallest girl up and she looked out the window to see this.

"Mom, mom" she cried. "The banana was right." Her eyes gleamed with delight at the sight of all that snow and I could tell I was not going to win this discussion. So I simply said..."That's right sweetie, all we need to do is ask the banana."

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