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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There are not enough books on the planet....

...to prepare you to cheer on your child, loudly I might add, (as he pees) in a public restroom FILLED with women (whom I might add are "giggling to themselves" because they have been there too)

...to prepare you to live by your 30 minute timer at home since you decided (at your wits end) that he should wear "big boy underwear" the entire day

...to prepare you on how to figure out and calculate the distance you are from a bathroom and how fast you can bolt there the minute you walk through the door at Walmart if needed

...to prepare you to sing and dance the "potty dance" NO MATTER WHAT public bathroom you are located in

...to prepare you to know and have visited EVERY public bathroom in Disneyland...but you drew the line in the sand...at "pit toilets" in Yosemite (no way, no how...a tree looked better)

...to prepare you for the incredible amount of time that you will spend on the bathroom floor..."entertaining your little one"

...to prepare you for the depths of patience that you will need to survive and I am certain it can only come from God above

...to prepare you for the road in which there is no turning back once you decide to go down it....the road of potty training

...there are just not enough books on the planet

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