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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween fun...

Halloween for us was last night...don't ask me why we celebrate here a day early...no clue about that one...but we do.  We also don't really do much decorating for Halloween.  A pumpkin here or there, some leaves...nothing scary.   We really put the emphasis on just having fun "dressing up".  Heck, we don't even eat a lot of candy in this house so we don't even go to a lot of houses.  (I'm telling you that this candy will be in our house until Easter, weird I know).  But it's just fun to experience it for a little while...it's part of being a kid. 

Last night my Mom came over for dinner and then stayed to go trick or treating with us.  The boys (Daddy and our oldest) stayed at home to hand out candy.  I think they both thought we were going to make them dress up with the rest of us...we tried, but no luck. 

My mom though, is crazy enough to dress up with us so it was a lot of fun.  I have a "stash" of costumes to choose from...but we always seem to pick the same ones every year...because they are warm.  And believe me, it was cold.  It's always cold here on Halloween.  I'm thinking we need to move south. (I feel the need for warmth)

Our smallest one talked our biggest girl into joining forces to be "Penny" and "Bolt" from the Disney movie "Bolt".  He loves that movie...it's second only to Cars. 

Our smallest girl decided that she wanted to be a fairy...a purple fairy.  She designed it and I created it.  Love it!  She's been reading a lot of fairy books lately. 

 I love to sew and starting with Halloween costumes in the fall just gets me so much in the mood to do a sewing marathon through the winter months. Can't wait this year though, for the first time I've got my mom here to help...and she loves to sew just as much as I do.

Happy Halloween everyone...

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