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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

State and Regionals…..

…..in less than two weeks, whew I'm tired.  

Of course, I'd be worse if I had swum in the meets.  Probably dead, really.  Well...at least it would have given those lifeguards there something to do.

Okay, digressing I see…

Well, we are done.  Well done.  Our swim season was a huge success.  The girls came away from both  swim meets with fantastic times (and one or two 10th place finishes…in the state.  That's my girls).  I cannot say this enough, my girls love, love, love to swim.  They have to swim.  They live and breathe it.  I'm so very happy that with that passion there still is the joy behind it all.  

We're taking a couple of weeks off for a rest, but the reality is that the girls started bugging us the day after the meet to take them to the pool.  So I'm not sure how long our break will be.  My fishes need water….

For now, we'll leave you with a some pictures from the swim meets. 

 (this one's my favorite…we were beyond bored at this point and were texting "selfies" to my son back at home with Grandmom.  He DID NOT think it was a funny as we did.)

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