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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Turning 10….

Our smallest girl had a birthday and turned 10.  And. It. Was. Fun.

For her party she wanted to have a "Frozen" birthday party theme.  Why am I not surprised….our entire house is obsessed with that movie right now.

What 10 year old girl isn't, right?

However, in our state and probably in the entire world….no Frozen birthday party decorations were to be found.  Okay, not entirely true.  We did find a balloon.  The only thing in the entire city…not kidding.

So with one balloon, we planned our party.  Creativity at it's best, people.

So with snow on the ground outside, we made it look like snow on the ground inside.  We hung snowflakes from the ceiling, put out a blue tablecloth and scattered to the wind, silver snowflake confetti EVERYWHERE (in hindsight….wasn't the best move on my part.  We're still finding that confetti in things).  Balloons, streamers, the works.  She loved it!

Cupcakes were her cake of choice….blue and white, of course.  She even wanted to decorate each and every top a certain way.  Trust me, that girl knows what she wants.

But before this crazy girl had her dinner of choice (pasta Alfredo), she just couldn't wait to open her presents.  A. Moment. Longer.

Of course for a Frozen party, you gotta get the movie…just so glad her birthday fell after the movie was release in the stores.  It would have been a sad day for this little one.

And this little girl of mine is my hugger.  She loves, loves, loves to hug you.  Sometimes it's more like a lean if she's tired.  But always she needs this affection.

Well, except maybe from her brother here….then it's more "pestery" than affectionate.  Figures...

And this man, I'm so thankful he gave me all of them.  Even the affectionate, leaning, pestery ones.  Love them all so very much.

Happy 10th birthday, my little noodle.  

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