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Monday, December 1, 2014

A time of being blessed….

This past Thanksgiving was just a wonderful time this year.  Our house was full of food and people….just the way I like it.  I did lose my voice one day…to which my husband said was an incredibly quiet holiday.  Humph, I don't know what that man is talking about.

Anyway for the big day, I rustled up a fresh turkey from a local farm.  He was a big one - 26 pounds.  I brined it and ooo-whee was it incredibly juicy and tasty.  Loved it!  And yes, we are still eating turkey leftovers.  I'll probably end up putting the rest in the freezer to bring out for turkey pot pies and such.  It will be a great thing throughout the winter.

For now, I'm thankful.  Thankful that I have leftovers to last a very long time.  Bones of the turkey to make wonderful turkey broth and family that I was surrounded with throughout the holiday weekend.  My husband and I are hopeful that next year it's our turkey on the table and that it's our vegetables that we eat throughout the winter.   Until then….

We hope that your Thanksgiving was filled with many blessings, family and food.

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  1. Lovely!!! I missed Thanksgiving this year....was in hospital the week before so had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner planned with a few good friends - we even had a friend coming in from Ireland to celebrate with us....but I was recuperating and just not up to hostessing a big formal dinner. I still feel blesed tho. And Thankful.
    Love your blog. (Came here rom your moms blog!!)
    Merry Christmas!!!