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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh my goodness….this is so exciting

This past week we met with our builder for our new house.  We have finalized our plans and are now down to the last little bit of things and then it's a go.  Apparently there are quite a few things our builder has to do before he even breaks ground.  There is something called a perk test (for the septic system which we have to have out there in the boonies), heating and cooling has to get involved even before the house has even started, and a mountain of other things.

Who knew?

Goes to show you that we clearly have no idea about house building.  I just figured that as soon as you were ready you could just go out there and start digging.  Good thing I'm gonna stick to farming.  Since we have six acres we can essentially put the house anywhere we want.  So on Sunday afternoon, we are headed out there with some stakes and a string to "plan" out where the front of the house will be.

Oh my goodness….this is so exciting.  A stake and a string.

Right now, our weather is holding it's own.  But we'll see what the next few weeks bring while we are waiting for permits and tests to be done.  We need a few days in the 20's in order to pour the basement. Please oh please, just hold off before the bottom falls out on winter.

I asked real nicely…..

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