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Sunday, January 11, 2015

miracles in the quiet moments….

The text read, "call me asap for 3rd showing on friday".  It was late Thursday night and we had just gotten in from swimming practice.  Bags were dumped on the floor and everyone was in dire need of some dinner.

Seriously?  How could this be possible?  Maybe our realtor has us confused with another house.  You see, we took our house off the market.  Oh yes you read that right….way off the market.  We were tired of showing our house over and over.  The disruption, the continuous cleaning and having your house taken over at a moments notice.  We needed a break.  So we took it.  A month ago.

Now, I'm not even gonna begin to tell you how "lived in" my house was at the moment.  Because, well….it was.  The kids had built a fort around the dining room table and a lego city on the top.  A basketball hoop was near the kitchen and the ping pong table was out in the basement.

We were living in our house.  Having fun.  Being normal.  Without the worry and any disruptions.

I yelled out to my husband jokingly that I was gonna kid my realtor for getting us confused.  It was gonna be fun.  It. Was. Not. A. Joke.

Say what?  How is this possible?

I cleaned Friday morning and by that afternoon we had yet another buyer walking through our house.  By Saturday night, we had an offer.

Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Not even on the market.

I cannot tell you what a blessing this is for our family.  An answer to prayer.  We can now move to a rental and continue to build our house.  And not have to worry about showing our house again.

Sometimes miracles happen in the quiet moments when you least expect it…..

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