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Married twenty-five years to my wonderful husband and best friend. We have 3 "home-grown" kids and 1 hand-picked by God from Africa. Our life is blessed. We are a close knit family with strong Christian beliefs. Come along with us on our journey…you might have a great laugh or two.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our crazy month of January….

I believe that this month will go down in our history books as one of our craziest.  From being approached by a buyer (when our house wasn't even on the market), to selling, to going through inspections, to finding a rental, to packing, to birthdays, to packing, to swim practices, to packing, to swim meets, to the flu wreaking havoc on our house, to packing, and packing and more and more packing….we are going to need a serious vacation when we are done.  We have already moved one huge truck of stuff out to the farm (in a outbuilding) and believe that we have probably two more trucks to move to a rental.  We have to be out of our house by the end of next month.  And still there is SO much to do.  Crazy, huh?

But before I go off and….pack…..I'll leave you with some pictures from our son's birthday parties.  This month our smallest son turned 6 and our oldest turned 17.  I love my two boys.  They drive me crazy sometimes, but I adore them with all my heart.  Happy birthday you two crazy ones….

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