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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Next time go with the Crunch 'n Munch...

Has anybody out there tried to make peanut brittle??? Okay, maybe I should have asked it this way...has anybody out there made the gosh-awful evil treat called peanut brittle?

Given the holidays, I thought I would give my family a wonderful treat and make a batch of peanut brittle. Now, here's where I should mention that I've never made it before...apparently there is a reason why. So for the past two days (during nap time) I have spent on the phone with my Mom and my hand stirring a pot of peanut brittle while I ask..."okay, Mom, what's wrong with this batch?" or "is it suppose to look this way?" or my favorite (whining...which I can only do really well with my Mom) "my arm hurts stirring, Mom...do people really like this stuff?"

This was her "super-secret" recipe for peanut brittle. But don't you worry...Mom. I'm not going to share it at all. Because after failing miserably at the first batch (the house smelled like burnt peanuts) and then going out the next day and buying all of the ingredients again and then making it AGAIN. I have to tell you that this recipe should say..."super -secret - EVIL - recipe of arm hurting later from all that crazy stirring peanut brittle". Sure the second batch came out okay, but only because I think the Lord knew I couldn't take making it again. In fact, I had a back up plan...

Sitting on the counter when my husband came home from work...two packages of Crunch 'n Munch...God's gift to those of us smart enough not to make peanut brittle.


  1. Awww. David told me you were having a rough treat-making day. I'm glad it finally worked for you! Nothing kills the fun of making Christmas goodies like having to re-do them! Once is joyous and hopeful...more than once is 'it better work this time or else'! Especially if the recipe has "Foolproof" in the name, those are the worst. I have a marathon of baking to look forward to. I'm trying to get rid of this cold first but that may not happen. It should be fun working on it while running to the next room every time I need to cough or sneeze!

  2. It turned out fabulously!!! Thanks so much for sacrificing your arm for our family, friend! :)

  3. I'm laughing out loud here! Peanut Brittle "sounds" easy but it is indeed a tricky treat to make. Glad the second batch turned out great! Wish I were there to share it with you.

    Love and miss you,