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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My favorite Christmas things...

Here are four of my absolute favorite Christmas things. I know they may not seem like much...but to me, they mean the world.

This Santa and Mrs. Claus was on my kitchen table for probably most of my childhood. (They are technically a salt and pepper shaker) My mother is an outstanding cook and this Santa brings wonderful memories of her baking for us during the holidays.

This is such a pathetic little thing...but again, it's the world to me. You flip this upside down and turn the knob on the bottom. Then when you turn it right side up, music plays, the tree turns and "snow" falls down. I cannot tell you how many times I have done this in my lifetime. It was at my Grandmother's house. When she passed away, it's the one thing that I begged to have. It's been taped up and re glued, but to me it's a little bit of my grandmother right here with me during Christmas.

This is the star that was on my tree growing up. I remember arguing with my brother as to whose turn it was to put it on the tree. In the end, my father seem to always put it up (probably because we couldn't reach it). When my father passed away, this star came to me...and it has my father written all over it. Even though I can reach the top now, I like to think he's right here with me during this holiday.

This makes me giggle and smile every time I cook. My aunt gave me these and if you push one of their buttons, they will all "tap dance" together. Take them apart and they do it separately. Way funny, and so great for my kids. It's not uncommon for a child to walk through the kitchen hit a button on the way to get something to drink. I love them...and to me, my aunt's standing right with me in my kitchen every time they go.

Since none of our family lives anywhere close to where we are, it's my special way of bringing those that I hold so dear to my heart home with me for the holidays.

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  1. Beautiful post! I loved each of these special decorations. I was trying to remember when we first got the star...many years ago! I'm glad the tradition lives on...