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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day two flying solo...

Well, I made it through yesterday. That's about all I can say. Don't even ask me how much I got accomplished...unless there is a world record for just about nothing.

So today I awoke with a new day, a fresh start and a new tactic on how to approach the day and NOT lose my sanity. Knowing that there will be no "relief troops" coming home today, I decided that I would forget any notion of getting much done around the house, so we left and spent the morning at a local park. My goal...wear them out.

At lunchtime we chose to grab lunch out and bring it home (why dirty up a kitchen I would not be able to clean later). After lunch the older kids relaxed a little and the baby got in a much needed nap, which left me some precious "ALONE TIME". I headed outside to do some gardening. Now, we are all up, alert and refreshed (o.k., maybe refreshed isn't the word I want considering we are back outside sweating and playing).

Come to think of it, I'm on the homeward stretch now. Just a few hours until bath time and bedtime...I just might make it and this time with all my sanity intact. Tomorrow the relief troops come home and life gets back to normal...whatever that is

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