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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The homing device...

My husband leaves today for a business trip, so for the rest of the week I'll be flying solo. And to tell you the truth, I've already called my husband once to tell him that I'm going back to work when he returns (that really only happens on the "VERY" trying days). You see this morning, the baby, I believe, has attached a homing device to me with about a three foot radius on it.

Here's how it goes... for the moment everything is going fine, I'm toting our little one around trying to clean up the house. Oh, I put him down to put away some dishes. Out goes the bottom lip and the tears begin to fall. As of now, no sound is coming out. I step outside of the three foot radius of his device and oh, have mercy...you would have thought he was the most mistreated individual. Step back inside the radius, and the sound goes away but the tears still fall. Pick him up and everything in his world is right again.

Yes...this has been my morning. So today, I don't get to go very far from my little shadow. By now, you are probably wondering how in the world I even was able to post this blog. Well, it's an amazing thing really...it's called nap time...my favorite time today

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  1. My dad used to say "that's tears and sunshine" when tears were automatically turned on and off. Poor little guy. That stage of life is very trying for both mom and babe.