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Married twenty-two years to my wonderful husband and best friend. We have 3 "home-grown" kids, 1 hand-picked by God from Africa and 1 very hyper-active dog. Our life is blessed. We are a home-schooling family with strong Christian beliefs. Come along with us on our journey...a journey which took us half way around the world to Ethiopia to adopt our son. And now, the journey of raising this crew continues...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ethiopian pictures...

Today it was picture day for our smallest little one. I wanted to get a picture of him in his Ethiopian outfit that they put him in when he left the orphanage. I loved how they turned out. The tapestry behind him is something we bought when we were there. It is a beautiful woven cross and reminds me so much of Ethiopia. The colored sash across him says "Ethiopia" in Amharic. I hope someday he'll look at this picture and know that we went halfway around the world and picked up the best one.

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  1. I love these pictures! Did you notice how happy, proud and sure of himself he looks?! What a wonderful blessing this sweet grandbaby is to all of us...

    Love you and miss you,