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Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the middle...

We live in the middle of the United States...the middle. No where near the ocean, nowhere near the mountains, and as of lately nowhere near where it's remotely warm. In fact if you were to drive 4 hours in any direction...ANY direction - pick one - you will find snow. Boatloads of it. And with that beautiful white stuff comes temperatures so cold that your heater in your house just can't keep up. Temps so cold that your hands hurt bad deep inside the thickest gloves you can buy within just 5 minutes of shoveling your driveway. Temps so cold that if you were to sneeze outside...okay, seriously trust me...don't sneeze. You get the idea.

So with all of this winter weather we are having to get a little "creative" with what we can do inside and not go crazy with cabin fever. The kids and I have resorted to doing several puzzles, putting on plays, building with Legos and having all the indoor play dates we can schedule around our school time. But I must admit we are all anxious to get outside again to go sledding and build snowmen.

So from the middle of the snowy tundra (so to speak...) here's a few pictures of what we've been up to lately...please oh, please come on warmer weather.


  1. I love that puzzle of the fox. That would look awesome in a frame!!!

    I hope some warm weather comes your way soon. We are having the opposite down here in Australia, I am holding on for cooler weather because we are sick of being inside as its way too hot to go outside for too long lol.

    Cheers Colleen

  2. Snow or not, I wish I were there smack dab in the middle of all that fun!!!

    Love and miss you,