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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean kitchens are way over-rated...

After an incredibly LONG day yesterday, Daddy finally made it home safely...and we are glad. I was dragging so badly last night after rushing around everywhere and trying to accomplish everything I needed to do that by the end of the evening, I felt completely deflated. I was so glad to see "fresh troops" walk through the door.

Today however is a brand new day and with it brings renewed energy (on my part - given a good night's rest) and another day filled with fun things to do. After doing some school this morning, my two smallest ones took on a cooking project...Amish, of course...and they loved it. Now, the house smells wonderfully of "Blueberry Cake with Struesel Topping" (get the book I tell you...worth every penny).

Just don't ask me how clean my floors and counters are...

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