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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A precious moment...

Well, we are going on day three at this point (of being without Daddy) and as always our lives were pretty busy today. The girls had gymnastics this morning which left me an hour with just my boys. My oldest son asked me if we could go for a run while the girls were at gymnastics (my husband runs with the older children quite often...me, I run by myself...much, much, much s..l...o...w...e...r).

That being said, of course I said "yes". So we packed up the jogging stroller and headed out. After we dropped the girls off, we started on our run. Now, here's where I should mention that my son loves to talk during a run. Me...I'm just looking to survive to the finish line. However, God gives you precious moments with your children sometimes at the most unexpected places. So here we were out running in the country and my son is just asking and talking with me about all sorts of things. It was such a wonderful conversation.

At the end of our run he told me "thanks Mom, this was such a fun, recreational run". I smile through all my huffing and puffing while sweating profusely....then thanked the Lord above for this precious moment, even in the most unexpected places.

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  1. Oh my word that is funny. "run, recreational run!!!!" What a sweet moment!