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Monday, April 4, 2011

My poor kids...

Alright...I am the first to admit that I can go a "little overboard" when I find something that I am interested in. Who doesn't, right? Right about now though, the kids are wishing their Daddy was here to help them out though...

You see, I have fallen in love with this certain cookbook called "Cooking from Quilt Country". It's Amish cooking at it's best and I love it. The kids though are not quite as sure. Of course, a few months ago I was cooking my way through a French cookbook and they LOVED that one. This one...maybe not as much. This past weekend I fixed an egg salad sandwich which did not get very good reviews from my crew (Daddy was here to agree with them on that one...they know his "vote" counts for a lot). So today for lunch when everyone got to the table the only question they asked was..."Is it Amish?" Oh, my poor kids....it's so terrible being fed good wholesome cooking. At least the reviews on that sandwich were a little better...not great, but better. I'll keep trying.

Today was an orthodontist appointment, piano lessons for one child, a quick trip to the grocery and a full day of school. It's dinnertime now...potato soup and cornbread have our name written all over it. It's loud and busy here. The kids are dancing to music to on the TV radio and later before bed, we'll start a new book to read.

Whew...day two of being solo is almost over...so far so good.

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  1. I have that cookbook too and love it! My grandbabies will be thriving on all that good Amish cooking...just like that fine French cuisine!

    Love and miss you,