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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

In our house an unusual thing is happening. Our garbage disposal is eating the spoons. Not forks, not knives, not even the serving utensils...but spoons, people. Of course, I know what you are saying...well, duh!...go out and buy some new spoons. Simple thought really. But did you know that you cannot buy spoons...just spoons. You have to buy the entire set of utensils...that's the only way they sell them. Heck, it would be worth it if I could buy an entire new set of utensils and just feed the garbage disposal the knives and forks...but it knows the difference. It only prefers spoons. It's an addiction, I'm fully certain of that one. Yesterday, another one bit the dust...a spoon that is. Not a fork or a knife. And I just cringed, because now we are down to 5 good spoons (there are 6 of us in this house...you can do the math). Therefore...

...Houston, we have a problem.

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  1. We have the same problem with loosing spoons only its because ours make it out to the backyard sandbox! Micah just asked me to buy more because there are never any in the drawer. :)