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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Central Park...

Today it was all about Central Park and bikes and hot dogs and lots and lots of sweating. It was a great experience. It's definitely the best way to see the park. There was NO WAY we were walking the entire thing and this way we got to see all the sights. Of course, I was amazed at all of the crazy fast runners that were there. We had one that even past us on while we were biking...and no...we weren't walking the bikes.

My husband had our little girl on a tag-a-long behind him , I had our little boy behind me in a child seat and our older two...of course, had to pedal on their own. I only worried a little when my older one about took out a few hundred walkers as he weaved about....just kidding.

Later in the day, after we were completely wiped out (Mom and Dad that is) we relaxed in the hotel, watched a movie and ate more empanadas...they are seriously great here.

Tomorrow we are headed to the American Museum of Natural History. Fun, fun, fun...

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