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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look closely...

Do you see it in the pictures??  I know they are really blurry and somewhat foggy (but I was standing in my house taking these out the window).  It's our newest pet...an owl.  Okay, technically a pet would mean you could love on it and feed it and play games with it...so I guess maybe I should call it our "outside visitor".  It's an owl.

This crazy thing has been showing up in our backyard now every night.  It's huge and gets very close to the house.  Actually there are two of them.  It's really cool to see them.  They have a huge wingspan and float from fence to ground to deck to tree and back around again.  Always looking for dinner, I'm sure...to which, I tell them just wait until the two yappy dogs next door come out.  Is that wrong???  (I really don't care too much for those dogs...one of them bit me - arghhh!!...and their owner lets them bark all the time). 

Anyway, really cool to have them at our house...even if I can't get them to take the dogs next door away.

...see it on the fence?

...on the ground

...near the deck...see the railing in the picture

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  1. Oooooh yeah. I remember those little "yappers". Hmmmm....maybe the owls would like an afternoon movie and popcorn. We'll have to show them "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock. Remember that movie?! Remember when the owls swoop down and ever so gently carry the yapper away (not really -no harm done to the yapper for anyone who is worried). But a picture really is always worth a thousand words.