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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Greetings from New York City...

We are having a great time so far here.  Today we were able to go to the "Top of the Rock"...translation, the top of Rockefeller Center.  The views were just amazing.  In the afternoon, we took in a Broadway play...Mary Poppins.  Loved, loved, loved it!!!  The kids (all of them included) just thought it was so very cool. 

After a great dinner in the Theater District, we headed to the American Girl store so that our little girl could get her a doll.  It's really a big deal for her.  She has saved her money for well over a year now and this is what she wanted to buy.  So very cute.  Tomorrow, we are going to do a boat tour and see the Statue of Liberty. 

Until then, enjoy a few pictures of our adventures along the way. 

...waiting at the airport

...more waiting

...still more...you gotta do something while you wait

...view of Central Park from Top of the Rock

...view of Empire State building
...I love this.  Someone volunteered to take our picture, but she was so short there is no scenery behind us (oh, and that was her kid, too in the picture)...so classic a family picture for us

....walking in the Theater District - crazy packed with people

...he loved Mary Poppins and watched intently the entire time

...finally got her American Girl doll...she was so excited...she's waited a VERY long time for this

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