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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yelping our way through New York...

Yelp.  Please tell me that you've heard of this app.  No, it's not yodeling or yelping (like a dog would).  It's a review app...kind of.  Wherever you are you can plug in, show me the best restaurants near me and up comes all the places to eat you could ever want with reviews from people who have actually eaten there.  It's awesome!  It doesn't have to be places to eat either, it could be something to do or shows or movies...you get the idea. 

Well, we could not have gotten around New York without it.  I guess we could have but we definitely would have missed a boatload of great places to eat that we found.  Heck, I even found a great laundry place so I could dry a load of clothes one afternoon.  We pack extremely light when we travel.  A lot of times we get everything into one bag, at most two.  It just makes it so much easier to travel with so many of us.   

Another fantastic thing we loved and needed so much in New York was the GPS app on our iPhone.  We would just map out a place we wanted to go and voila...away we went following the blue dot.  Being that I could probably get lost in my own city, this was the best app ever.  If only they could invent an app to do my dishes or my laundry...now that would be an accomplishment...since we are home now and everything is piling up so fast.

We had a wonderful time in New York.  I always hate to see a vacation come to an end.  Sad, really.  My husband had trouble going to work this morning and I really didn't want to go to Walmart for groceries...but alas, our life is calling us back to our daily grind...more like YELLING at us.  Do you hear it???  Mom, mom...I've got swim practice in an hour.  Mom, mom...is my blue shirt clean?  Mom, mom...I can't find my book.  Mom, mom...he hit me.  Mom, mom...what's for lunch?

I think I'll go hide out in a closet now...until next summer comes...

...at the Museum on our last day...lots of dead stuffed things there...still a fun place to go

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