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Thursday, January 23, 2014

16 years...

My oldest turned 16 today.  16 years.  I know I say this for all of my children but where does the time go?

16 years…


I gave birth to this little one.

It took almost 24 hours to get him into this world and he was a big ol' thing…weighing in at 10 pounds.    He was our first boy, first child and the first one to steal my heart away.

You learn so much on your firstborn.  What to do.  What not to do.  What you should have done.  What you would like to do.  You question everything, you know nothing and yet you survive.  In the end, you make it through.  People tell you that time will fly past, enjoy these moments.

They.  Are.  Correct.

16 years….

I am realizing all too quickly that my time with him...  Time to teach him about this world and teach him how to become the man God wants him to be….  Is running out.

I have been given a blessed gift.

It's my honor to be his mother and for that I will love that boy till the day I die.

Happy birthday, my son…

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