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Monday, January 6, 2014

Ahhhh…..it's here!!

The vortex, people.

That stinkin' cold polar vortex.

And we are in the middle of it.  Trust me when I tell ya, it's cold.  Think cold and then go colder than that.

This was the temperature it was when I woke up.  And no, we don't normally keep our house in the 50's.  We have it set for 69.  But our poor heat just can't keep up with it.  I'd set it for 80 today if I thought it would help.  

It's suppose to be, with the windchill, -40 today.  That. Is. Cold.  We have every extra blanket stuffed in cold corners, every curtain pulled tight and every person with lots and lots of layers on.  Heck, I might even work out again just so I can sweat and get warm.

I said….might.

Thankfully, we just need to get through today.  Then I heard that tomorrow will be a balmy 19.  Ahhh, shorts weather.   Warm thoughts.  Happy days.

Schools were cancelled today and our swim practice is not until later this evening.  For now, we are hunkered down, drinking lots of hot chocolate, wrapped up in blankets and trying to pick the warmest room in the house to be in.  

Somebody please, shut that freezer door…cause it's stinkin' cold here.  

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