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Monday, April 20, 2015

A wee little bit overboard….

I might, just might, have gone a little bit overboard.  Just a tad.


Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Just sayin'.

This week I am moving our garden outside to begin to get the plants hardened off to being outdoors.  It's not like I can continue to grow pumpkins in my storage room/closet.  So it's got to be done.  And yes….I do start pumpkins early (we are a short summer season when it comes to those bad boys and I try and give them a shot at least at getting big).

Flat after flat, came up the stairs and out onto our tiniest of all decks at our rental when I began to notice a pattern.  Okay, I'm just gonna say it….

I have a tendency to plant WAY to many plants.

But I am trying to be practical here and try and grow all of our food for the year.  So that means we have to think about what we will need to go through the winter.  Or at least that's the plan in my head.  Of course, being that it's our first year on our farm, much of this is trial and error.

Alright, I admit…all of it is one big farm experiment.  But you will never learn anything if you don't try something.  So you gotta start somewhere.  Just maybe not this much.

For example, I have 6 different types of tomato plants and with each type I grew 36 plants.  And that's just one plant.  There's also the 260 onions started, the 75 lbs. of seed potatoes and that doesn't even make a dent in what else I've got planned for the garden.  I know, I know.

I need to be reigned in.

I guess it's better to be a bit overboard than not planting enough, though.  Or at least it sounds better to say it like that.  I'm just gonna have to remind my husband of that though.  Especially when we are planting on Saturday, on top of everything else, the 300 strawberry plants I just bought.

A wee little bit overboard.  Just sayin'.

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