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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's planting time….

I have to for one minute brag about our soil here on our farm.  We have the blackest, most beautiful soil you've ever seen.  Our garden has been "resting" for many years now and the soil is an organic farmers dream.

My husband helped me till up the garden this week and in doing so, we got a really good look at the soil we have to work with.  It's black and rich.  We have worms, and worms and even more worms.  Hot diggity for me.  Crazy large spiders.  No, I'm not kidding about this one.  And I did not take a picture of that one.  It was the size of my fist. I actually called my husband over to see it….and then told him to pound it into the ground.  Me and spiders, not to good of friends.  There are also tons of micro-thingys in the soil.  It's all good my friends.  Best soil, ever!!

Now, for the bad news.  We have snakes.  Yes, I said the dreaded word.  And of course, they seem to be out near the garden area.  At least, we've seen one repeatedly.  Of course, my brain tells me it's a whole family of them, but I do have an overactive imagination.  My husband said not to kill the snakes though for they are catching the mice.  Mice?  Ugh….I can't win.  Can't we just put a bubble over the farm and then I won't have to coexist with snakes and mice and heaven knows what else this rookie farmer is learning.


Fine.  I'll try to get along.  But….I'm not gonna like that one bit.

As far as the garden planting goes, our plot is massive.  We technically have two massive plots.  My husband is working the first plot and the second one is in the back.  You can see in the pictures that we have put 7 foot posts all the way around.  We'll put up a deer barrier fencing to fight off the deer and rabbit fencing will go along the bottom buried a few feet under.  For that I'm using chicken wire.  We are gearing up for battle folks.  In the end, we hope we've done enough to win.

My plants are going in the ground finally.  And I am so very glad to be outside working in the dirt again.  Love it!  The only problem for me is that there is not enough time in my day anymore to get everything done.  I need like a 48 hour day.  And that ain't happening.

So, I'll do what I can and keep plugging along.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

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