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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A time to refresh….

Presently, we are in Florida.  We needed a break.  A vacation.  A time to get away from the farm.  From our swim practices.  From our daily grind.

A time to refresh.

Now I am the first to admit that you probably shouldn't leave while building a home when you're less than 50 days from getting in.  Truth be told, I was on the phone with one of the tile installers while we waited to get onto a Minions ride in Orlando.  I'm sure the Gru in the background was quite annoying to hear over and over to them.  But decisions had to be made.  And our house waits on no Minion.

So we threw caution to the wind and headed south.  Okay, technically we had this vacation planned for a couple of months but we worked hard at the farm right up until the night before we were to leave to be able to go.  Still, storms came and the grass was too wet to mow in some places on time and my corn got flattened.  Weeds didn't get all well,….weeded.  The apples needed to be tended.  But we left.

We missed our family vacation last year and by golly, we weren't gonna miss it this year.  We love vacations.  Love traveling, love seeing new places and love fighting…ahem, I mean spending time together.

So here we are in Florida.  The first few days we went to Universal Studios in Orlando.  That, my friends, is a world all unto itself.  Unless you have read the Harry Potter books or seen the movie you will be clueless there.  Like me.  I thought they were speaking in English but…..maybe not.  There were wizards and wands and a man with no nose.  Poor thing.  But the kids have had a blast.

We are now on the back half of our vacation.  We rented a house on Anna Maria Island in Florida.  It's just a smaller island near St. Petersburg.  We lucked out and got a house about a 2 minute walk from the beach.

Now, it's time for Momma and Daddy to relaaaaxxxxxx……….ahhhh.  Plus down here, I know what people are saying.

And that was very helpful at the doughnut shop this morning.

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