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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Got Milk???

O.k....there are a few things I can guarantee at any given time in our house. One...that the clean clothes probably need to get folded (really...it's a never-ending cycle), two...that the dishwasher is probably running (again...the cook-eat-wash dishes cycle doesn't stop) and three...we have 5 - 6 gallons of milk in our refrigerator. Anyone who knows us can attest to this...we love milk! We go through a gallon of milk everyday.

Now, this does pose a problem every week regarding recycling (with the little green box they give to us here). We have to smash, crush and ultimately disassemble all the milk jugs in order to fit them all in the box (as well as all of our cardboard stuff). That being said...we about jumped for joy when my daughter's preschool teacher asked the class for milk jugs in order to build a milk gallon jug igloo. Hot diggity dog for us!!!

Well, there are a few things we do well as a family...and drinking milk is one of them. We like to say that we single-handily built the classroom igloo. Too bad you can't put that on a resume...


  1. That igloo is so funny.

    That is a lot of milk! Do you have an extra fridge to hold all of this milk? You need a Costco membership just for milk...you'd probably pay for your membership in a month in the milk savings alone! :)

  2. We have the same issue where our recycling bin stuggles to keep up with our milk consumption. I never thought of making an igloo as a solution! :)

  3. Do igloos come in ORANGE? You could have done that with ALL those gallons of OJ also! *great big grin*...