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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I only sew for love...

If it's once, then it's a thousand times that I have heard those words from my mom..."I only sew for love". My mother is a wonderful seamstress and to be honest, I never really understood those words when she told me...over and over...as she dragged me through yet another fabric store growing up. I only knew that she could whip up an Easter dress or a curtain or a beautiful blanket. She bugged me again and again to "let me teach you to sew". I was definitely much too active as a child to stop long enough for her to teach me.

Fast forward...almost forty years. Now I am the one dragging my kids through "yet another fabric store". I'm the one who creates the creative costumes my kids can come up with and I'm the one whose telling my children...over and over...while I sew late into the night, that "I only sew for love".

Funny, how things can come full circle. Today, I'm working on making curtains for one of my daughter's rooms and I can't help thinking about my mom. There are so many times I wish I had listened to her advice on sewing. While my mom is still alive, she lives about as far as you can think of from me (without falling in the ocean) -- not by her choice, of course. It would be so nice to have her sewing with me today...doing nothing special...just "sewing for love". I miss you mom!

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  1. I miss you too! I love the fact that you have taught yourself to sew so remarkably well...amazing window treatments, clothing, blankets, decorative items...and you make it all look so easy. Even though you were far too "busy" as a child or a teen to be enticed into the kitchen, I love the fact you've become a gourmet cook! Well done, sweetheart!

    I love you and miss you,