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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring in the middle of winter...

Well, we just couldn't take it anymore. We haven't seen grass...any grass - green or brown...in months (because of the mounds and mounds of snow we have) and we've been stuck inside for weeks and weeks with crazy cold weather. So the kids and I decided that we'd had enough. We needed to see some spring. Now, where do you go to find some "spring" in the middle of the winter you might ask?... Well, the Botanical Gardens of course.

This past Friday the kids and I tromped ourselves on down to our Botanical Gardens here in town and it was wonderful. They have a big dome filled with all the tropical plants you could possibly want to see along with bridges, a waterfall, fish and turtles. It was like our own little paradise for just a couple of hours. We even got to shed our coats and sweat a little...pretty cool, huh? It's definitely not the largest Botanical Gardens ever made but it was perfect for us.

Of course, as we opened the door to leave the nice, warm, big dome thingy, we were hit with frigid temps and snow again. "Welcome back to reality..." my son said. True, oh so true - but wasn't it nice for just a little while.

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