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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A morning of numbers...

1 hour to get ready
20 minute drive to get there
1 dreaded doctor's appointment...

4 kids in tow
1 worried mom already
9 in the morning

1 kid in the waiting room
3 kids in the examination room
3 nurses
1 pediatrician

1 hour appointment turned into
2 and a half hours
5 pokes (or tries) to get blood
0 ever gotten at all
1 screaming little boy and
2 kids begging to go back to the waiting room

6 immunizations later in
1 screaming little boy
1 pediatrician realized
3 other kids needed
1 more immunization to make their chart complete

3 kids come back from the waiting room
3 more immunizations done
3 more crying children

1 exhausted mom

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