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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costumes done...check

Every year I get the wonderful privilege of making my children their costumes for Halloween. I love it! I love the way the kids plan, describe and then scour the patterns for exactly the right costume for them. Weren't we all that way when we were little?

Our oldest girl decided that she wanted to be a pioneer girl. Way cute! She picked some fantastic fabric and all I could think about was "man, oh man, do I want a dress made with this fabric". She's got some great taste!

This little girl just HAD to be Rapunzel. Doesn't every 7 year old right now? That was a fierce dress to make with all of the fancy-shamazee fabric. Thankfully, all our little girl sees is exactly the dress she wanted...I see tons of mistakes made. Good thing she'll never notice.

This little one gets the costume that every one of our kids have worn when they were 2. And really, what 2 year old isn't a stinker at some time or another?

This year our oldest decided he was "too old" to trick or treat...and part of me was sad. I know it's the coming of age...I know that it would look weird for a 6 foot 13 year old to ask for candy...I knew that this was coming...but still, it made me sad.

However, he thought it was cooler to roll around with the dog on the floor...oh, yeah, that's sure acting really mature.

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  1. There was lots of laughter here until I got to the part where my firstborn grandchild thinks he's too "old" to trick or treat...*sniff* *sniff* The truth of the matter is I remember the year I wore the Disney "Grumpy?" costume and we ALL went trick or treating! Now, I'm really gonna' cry 'cause I'm too far away to go trick or treating with you all!

    Love and miss you,