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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall fun at a pumpkin patch...

Today we visited a local pumpkin patch. Leave it to the people of the Midwest, to plow a maze through a field of corn, drop you off at the entrance and say "good luck" and call it fun. But oh yeah...it really was a lot of it...fun, that is.

The kids took off like a bullet through it. All I could think of is...seriously, how lost could they possibly get. Personally, I was just glad it was during the day...it would be way creepy at night (way too much imagination here...).

After the maze, we scoured their massive fields for the perfect pumpkins...(don't worry honey, we didn't come home with all these pumpkins).

Despite the cold temps and the strong winds, we had a great time at the farm...plus, it gave us an excuse to come home and have some hot chocolate.

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