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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It all started with a mouse trap...

We live in a house on a wooded lot. Every time the weather begins to turn colder we deal with the same issue...mice in our garage. We have by all accounts sealed holes, set mouse traps...and yet, still they come. They are not deterred. So the war begins...

My husband sets the traps (you know, the old fashioned ones that slam shut...no, I'm not going to be humane to something that leaves such a wake of mess that I have a clean up every spring...nope, not going to do it).

Last night our dog was very concerned about something and wouldn't calm down to go to sleep. Here's how the conversation went at this point...

Me: What's wrong with the dog?

Hubby: I think she hears the high-pitched squeals coming from the garage?

Me: Say wha'?

Hubby: I set two mouse traps and I could only find one of them tonight.

Me: Where's the other one? (stupidly asking)

Hubby: (smiling)

Hubby to dog: Don't worry ol' girl, the crying will stop soon after it's done scraping around on the garage floor.

Me: Argggghh! You are not funny...

Hubby: (loving every minute of it)

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