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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is that my Grandmommy?...

We were at Costco one Sunday after church. As we got done with our shopping the two little ones and I waited for my husband and the older ones to bring the car around to pick us up. I was involved in a conversation with my little girl when my little son tugged and pulled at my coat sleeve.

"Mom....Mom....Mom", he said. "What is it?" "Is that my Grandmommy?" he said. The grin on his face was priceless and so full of hope. I looked back over my shoulder and saw a older woman with a haircut kind of like my Mom's and blonde hair. She was obviously with her grandchild and was singing and playing with them...and for a single moment my heart hurt. You see, my mother lives on the West coast...about a far as your can get from us without falling into the ocean. It is times like these that I miss her so very much. "Is that my Grandmommy?", he asked again, bringing my thoughts back to him. "No sweetie, that's someone else's Grandmommy. But she sure does look pretty special, huh?" "Yeah", he said with a smile.

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  1. This grandmommy cannot wait to arrive at the airport there on February 11th! Soooo looking forward to a wonderful visit full of lots of fun and making memories!!!

    Love you and miss you!