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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Time is a funny thing. It keeps moving whether you want it to or not. Time also has a way of making you put things into "perspective"...but that doesn't come overnight.

My 2 year old lives in the moment. He only knows about the right now. When he wakes up (from a nap or whatever), he just assumes it's the next day. We have to teach him about time. About the changes that happen...sometimes slowly...and sometimes way faster than you would like. But it's all about time.

My 7 year old knows more about time. She understands the concept but still lives for each day. She has trouble looking too far ahead in the future. She's impatient. And that's what we teach her...patience...about time.

My 12 year old knows even more, but she's a bit stuck. She wants to be a part of the "right here, right now" moment but she can wait...better than her sister, I might add...but still she's learning about time.

My 13 year old....we'll time for him is rushing past. To me, he seems to be racing through his lifetime...growing up too fast. He sees the future so close, but yet cannot reach. At the same time he's longs to still be the kid. And that's what we teach him...that it's okay to wait and still enjoy the moment.

As you age and more and more time passes you by. Suddenly you realize that it's not time you are learning about...but perspective. You begin to look at things and see what really counts in life. What matters most to you...

For this new year, I pray that each and everyone of you find your perspective in life...

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