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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hunkerin' down...

With fall finally here, we have begun the much needed "hunkerin' down" process for the coming of winter.  The outside chores are done, leaves raked and composted, and the garden has finally been put to bed.  Our garage has been cleaned out and the snow blower started and placed in the front...which to those who live where it's warm and have no idea what I'm talking about...means don't put it in the back of the garage so that when 16 inches of snow finally show up you don't have to move 5 bikes, 2 lawn mowers, 3 big wheels, 2 scooters and a mountain of balls, bats and various jump ropes.  You...will...not...be...happy.  I'm just saying (not that I would know)....

Today, I heard the squeals of delight when this awful white stuff showed back up at our house.  To be honest, the first several snow showers are incredibly beautiful....but, it's just, come April when this white stuff won't leave it really does a number on one's patience.

Speaking of hunkerin' down, the girls and I are venturing out and trying our hand at quilting.  I had purchased the supplies several years ago and we thought it would be a good project for those cold winter days.  Right now, we are planning our pattern and cutting out the strips to sew.  I sew a lot of dresses for the girls and various other projects but have never done a quilt...this should be very interesting.  Plus, it gives the girls a much needed lesson in an art form that is slowing dying off.

Our other biggie during the colder days are puzzles.  We do a boatload of them.  This one we just finished last week and just today started a (what else??) snow puzzle.  The kids picked that one out...ugh!

So what do you do to pass the time in the winter months?

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