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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thing one, thing two, thing three...

I have an idea.  Let's play a game.  It's called LIFE.  Do you remember the game LIFE?

Well, this game is about life...my life to be exact.  Now, it's going to get a little complicated, so be sure and follow along.  In every game, you have a cast of characters.  Here they are...

Thing one...

Thing two...

Thing three, thing four, thing five and thing six...

Everybody ready?  Let's play...

Bam!  Right out the chute, a disaster card is drawn....Thing one leaves on a business trip, leaving thing two in charge of everything (don, don, donnnn...cue evil music playing).  This. will. not. end. well.

And thus it begins....

4:50 (that's in the AM people)...Thing two must take thing three to the pool for morning practice
7:15    Thing two must pick up thing three from practice
8:25    Thing two must take thing six to preschool
9:00    Thing two must take thing three to the high school for his classes
    (detour card is drawn)
9:10    Thing two realizes that she is missing something for dinner and stops by the grocery
     (back into the game)
9:35    Thing two teaches thing five her classes for school
11:15  Thing  two must pick up thing six from preschool
     (another detour card drawn)
11:45  Thing two fixes thing four, five and six lunch
     (back into the game - halfway through, right?....or maybe not)
1:00    Thing two teaches thing five more school
2:30    Thing two picks up thing three from high school
3:10    Thing two takes thing three back to the pool for his second practice of the day
4:00    Thing two fixes dinner
5:30    Thing two picks up thing three from the pool
       (detour card drawn - wishing to quit the game now)
6:00    Thing two feeds thing three, four, five and six
       (...still not done)
6:45    Thing two takes thing four and thing five to the pool for their practice
7:25    Thing two take thing three to guitar lessons
8:15    Thing two drops thing three off at the house to go to bed
       (...please, please, I want to go to bed...make the game stop)
8:45    Thing two picks up thing four and thing five from the pool
9:50    Thing two puts thing four, five and six to bed
       (....is it over?....please)
10:20   Thing two crashes onto the bed

       (...and remembers that it begins again tomorrow)
                   ....hurry home thing one
                          ....need a little help

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