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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Costumes, done….check

Today, I just finished my youngest daughter's costume for this year.  Elsa of course.  I probably would have bought it if it weren't for the fact that one….she's like, mammoth tall for a 10 year old and two….all the adult ones were crazy expensive.  Enter, door number three.  Sewing.

Altogether for the pattern and the fabric, I was able to sew this for only 21 dollars.  Not bad, huh?

We made it a little bit long in case she wants to play around the house or be it again next year.  My kids do that quite often with costumes.  That part I love.

Our little man….well, he wanted to be a super hero.  With the puffy muscles.  Ugh.  Enter Target.  I could probably make a super hero costume but he REALLY wanted to be this one.  Plus, if I made it, it would probably look like a flabby hero in need of a diet instead of a muscular one.  

I don't know much about super heroes but come to find out that besides this hero's anger issues, I was told he's a good guy from a worker at the store.  Whew, I'm glad about that one.  The claws kind of threw me off on this one. 

So costumes are done.  Until next year….

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