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Monday, September 7, 2009

Being blessed...one bag at a time

We have always tried to teach our kids to be polite, considerate of other's feelings and to reach out and help those less fortunate than themselves. Today we had a wonderful opportunity to "practice what we preach" and to show our kids what it's like to really extend a helping hand...we packaged food at an international food drive.

There is a fantastic non-profit organization here called "Meals from the Heartland", whose sole purpose is to feed hungry children in different parts of the world. One of those countries really hit home for us...one on the continent of Africa. In fact, as we poured and measured and weighed, my smallest one said to me..."Is this food going to my little brother's African family?" I smiled and said..."Very well could be".

So as we stood in the middle (of what looked like a big hair net convention), you could not help but smile and be blessed. Because each bag that was filled and each box that was taped up fed that many more children. By the end of our time there, we had filled 540 bags that would feed 3,240 children.

For our family, God has truly blessed us beyond measure...our only hope is that we could give some of that back to others in need.

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